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Two French Bulldogs

At Acadia, we believe in providing compassionate and affordable care for your furry family members. From routine check-ups to urgent care, our experienced team is here to keep your pets healthy and happy. We offer a variety of services for dogs and cats, including vaccinations, wellness exams, dental care, and more. Our goal is to make sure that every pet gets the care they need without breaking the bank. Come see us today and experience the difference in quality care at an affordable price.

Our Services

General Health and Wellness

Wellness Checks

Get your furry friend the care they deserve! Regular wellness checks for dogs and cats are vital to catch any issues early and ensure optimal health. Visit us today!

Dental Services

Healthy teeth are key to your pet's overall health. Our medical team performs comprehensive oral health assessment and treatment to help keep your dog or cat's teeth in excellent condition.


Regular diagnostic exams are essential to catch potential health issues early. Our friendly team and affordable diagnostic services focus on keeping your pet healthy and happy.


Protect your furry friends with our affordable vaccine services for dogs and cats! Regular vaccination ensures your pets are healthy and safe from common diseases. Schedule your appointment today!

Diet and Exercise Programs

Keep your pet healthy with our customized diet and exercise programs. Let us help your furry friend live their best life!

Behavior Counseling

 If your pet is showing unwanted behavior, our team can connect you to a behavioralist.  We collaborate with a specialist, you, and your pet to enhance their quality of life.

Cat With Blue Eyes


Early diagnosis is key. Our experienced team offers biopsy services to help diagnose and treat your pet's medical conditions. Contact us today.


Our state-of-the-art ultrasound technology can help diagnose a variety of medical conditions in your pet quickly and accurately. Schedule an appointment today.

Urgent Care

Fast, reliable urgent care for dogs and cats. Our experienced team is ready to provide the best possible care for your pet when you need it most.

Chronic GI Issues

Looking for help with your pet's chronic gastrointestinal issues? Our experienced team offers diagnostic testing and customized treatment plans to improve their quality of life.

Pain Management

Looking for relief for your pet's chronic pain? Our compassionate team offers customized pain management plans tailored to your pet's needs.


Advanced Care

Traditional Spay

Affordable traditional spay services available for dogs and cats. Our experienced team ensures your pet's safety and comfort during the procedure.

Bladder Stones

At our veterinary clinic, we offer bladder stone services for cats and dogs, including diagnosis, treatment, and prevention plans tailored to your pet's individual needs.


Neutering cats and dogs provides health benefits, reduces behavioral issues, controls population, and prevents certain cancers.


Dental care for cats and dogs improves oral health, prevents dental diseases, and promotes overall well-being.


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