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Dog in a Box

Price List 

A physical exam for your pet involves a thorough check-up from nose to tail, assessing overall health, vital signs, and checking for any signs of illness or discomfort

Exam Fee


We offer all core vaccinations for cats and dogs to keep your beloved pets healthy and protected. This pricing does not include the combined vaccine of of DA2PP and Leptospirosis.



This in house fecal flotation test detects intestinal parasites early and ensures effective deworming, helping to protect both pet and human health.

Fecal Testing 


Our in-house urinalysis provides quick and convenient results, helping detect and monitor conditions like urinary tract infections, urinary crystals or stones, and kidney disease directly at our clinic. This immediate testing ensures your pet gets the best care without delay.



Expressing a dog's anal glands involves gently squeezing these glands to release anal fluid, helping to prevent discomfort, swelling, or infection. This routine maintenance can be crucial for your dog's hygiene and comfort.

Anal Gland Expression 


Regular nail trims for pets prevent painful splaying and splitting of the nails, promoting healthy paw structure and gait. This simple grooming task also protects your floors and furniture from scratches.

Nail Trim 


At Acadia Veterinary Clinic, we sprinkle a little extra love into our affordable, compassionate care. If you're curious about anything or can't find what you're sniffing for, don't hesitate to wag on over to us for a chat!

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