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Oral Hygeine

Maintaining excellent dental health in your pet can substantially increase the quality and duration of their life. Poor oral health contributes to many diseases: heart, liver, kidney and joint disease (arthritis).


80% of dogs and cats over the age of 3 have dental disease requiring professional attention.


Gum disease is common and it hurts. Just remember: if it would hurt you, it hurts them. "But they eat just fine" is never a good guide for you: their instincts are to eat regardless of the pain. Pets are much better at hiding pain that we are. We always encourage owners to practice dental hygeine with their pets at home. While this can greatly slow down the development of dental disease, it will not stop the development of dental disease and it is likely your pet will need dental work done by a veterinarian. The changes we see in our patients' health and behavior after dental work is amazing and we are proud of our results. 

We conveniently offer basic pricing models for different grades of dental disease.