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Annual Health Exams

The annual health exam is one of the cornerstones of a prevetive health care program to help keep your pet healthy and happy for a longer life. 


Our appointments are 30 minutes long. The Veterinarian will examine all areas of the body, from the tip of the nose to the tip of the tail to check for abnormalities. Depending on the age and health status of your pet, the veterinarian may suggest taking a blood sample, a urine sample or running other tests. 


While it is important for all pets to get annual health exams, it is especially important for senior animals. There are various types of disease processes that can occur before your pet exhibits any symptoms and it crucial that these diseases are detected early before it's too late. Take heart disease for example: when our Veterinarians first diagnose a type of heart disease in a dog or cat, most of these pets are not yet showing any signs of the disease and owners were COMPLETELY unaware of any problem. If we initiate treatment before they are showing signs of heart failure, we will be able to help them live even longer than if we had waited until they showed even the earliest signs of failure.