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We offer an internationally recognised microchip to increase the chances of a safe recovery in the event that your pet is lost. It is a very simple and cost effective procedure that can help reunite you with your pet, and can be done on both conscious and anesthetised patients.


A microchip is a rice grain sized chip that is implanted under the skin. Each microchip comes with a custom identification number that can be scanned by any clinic or shelter. This number is associated with your name and information, as well as the clinic that provided the microchip. If you look at the accompanying image to the left, you can see a small white microchip just over the top of the shoulder blades.


Microchipping, as opposed to tattooing, provides more of a guarantee that your pet will be traced back to you. Tattoos often fade over time and sometimes the ink spreads and the letters and numbers become impossible to read. In the event that this has happened, a tattoo will not help identify your lost pet.