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Dr. Matthew Korthauer

Dr. Matthew joins our team from over the border in Wisconsin, after earning his degree at UW Madison. With lots of experience from the veterinary hospitals of Boston under his belt, Dr. Matthew is driven by the ever-changing nature of his work, and the constant variety of diagnoses in his cases. You'll love his thoroughness and dedication to your pets, and so will they!  

He's a cat person

At home, Matthew resides with his two cats - Fuji and Juno! They're great lap-warmers after hiking in the cold BC mountains. 


Our excellent Vet Tech Caitlin originally hails from Ireland, and adores her sunny lifestyle living and working in Kitsilano. She has previously worked with not only cats and dogs, but with the more exotic side of pets - taking care of everything from turtles and snakes to bunnies and hamsters! 

Missing her pets back home

At home Caitlin has a terrier cross called Jessie, also known as Caitlin's little shadow and a cat Max who is a much more keep-to-himself kind of character. 


Joining us from her native Chile, where she was a certified veterinarian, Carrol joined our team as a very talented Veterinary Technician. Her incredible kindness and thirst for knowledge make her an all-around hero for animals big and small. When she's not at work Carrol is soaking up the amazing beauty of the B.C scenery, whether it be beach or forest, she loves it all.

Big Patients

Back in Chile Carrol mostly worked with large stock animals like horses and cows! Having a patient she can pick up now is a delightful perk! 


 It wouldn't be a Vancouver clinic without at least one Australian on the team! Rhian is our client care, marketing, and social media guru. Rhian and her two dogs Chewbacca and Trinity are constantly shuffling between our clinics with their collective air of enthusiasm and energy, so you're bound to run into her at some point! You'll always see Rhian with a smile and some treats (for both pets and people) taking adorable pictures for our Facebook or Instagram account. Follow us @acadiavets !

Current Pets

Trinity is a husky who was found running wild in the woods as a puppy. Chewbacca is a rescue mutt who picked her out at the pound. The two are now inseperable friends, who love the beach, camping trips, as well as a good nap in the sun. 



With an effervescent personality and a history in animal welfare, we've been delighted to add Bonnie to our team in 2019! As well as being that friendly voice on the phone when you call, Bonnie is working her way towards an international Veterinary Nursing qualification, so she can get her hands dirty helping animals all over the world. 

Teeny tiny friends

Bonnie takes it upon herself to rescue to tiniest friends she can find - since moving to Vancouver, she's already adopted a hamster named Hammy Boi, and a little mouse named Tom! 


Our practice manager extraordinaire has been taking care of things behind the scenes since 2015. She's a tiny package of big ideas, endless energy and love for all creatures, big and small. She is also our in-house translator for our clients who speaks Mandarin, Taiwanese and Japanese. When she's not travelling the world with her awesome teddy bears you can find her at various music venues around town grooving to all kinds of funky beats:)

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