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Dr. Christine Mysyk

Christine grew up in Saskatchewan with her tight-knit family, developing an affinity for animals and the great outdoors very early on in life. After graduating from WCVM in Saskatoon, she picked up and moved to Vancouver where she's been honing her skills in an exotic animal practice, not only working on cats and dogs, but a wide range of pets from chinchillas and rabbits to turtles and snakes! We?ve been delighted to welcome Dr. Christine to our practice recently. Her mission as a veterinarian is to improve the lives of every animal under her care, as well as developing a wide set of skills to better serve you and your pet. We love having her on our team, and she?d delighted to get to live and work in the beautiful Kitsilano area. 

When she's not in the clinic, Christine can be found hiking, biking and enjoying the gorgeous scenery of B.C. as well as cuddling up to any cat she can get her hands on. 

That Ambition!

Christine is currently in training to perform laparoscopic procedures, something only a handful of veterinarians are qualified for in B.C! 


Ashley grew up in North Delta, BC and currently resides in downtown Vancouver. She always knew she wanted to work with animals, and got her degree in Animal Biology from the University of British Columbia. After graduating, Ashley went backpacking to South America with her now husband, Yasha. While in Bolivia, she had the opportunity to volunteer with the local wildlife at a rehabilitation center in the jungle. After returning to Vancouver, Ashley got a job at a veterinary hospital in Richmond, where she worked while obtaining her diploma in Animal Health Technology from Thompson Rivers University. Once graduated, Ashley made the move to work in Kits, and joined Dr. Fraser Davidson at Acadia Vet Clinic. 

In her spare time, Ashley enjoys what all Vancouverites enjoy: hiking, running and checking out the local craft breweries. 

Current Pets

Ashley has a rescue dog from Texas named Pumpkin.

Pumpkin enjoys running around at the dog park, barking at the waves at the beach, and ripping apart anything made of paper.


Roberta is a Vancouver native, and currently lives in Burnaby.  She has been a long time animal lover, founding two animal rescue organizations (Vancouver Ferret Rescue and HomeFinders Animal Rescue) and working in the animal health care industry.  Roberta worked at a veterinary clinic in Point Grey for over a decade before spending several years at a busy Specialty / Referral hospital in their surgery service while continuing to pick up occasional shifts here at Acadia.  She is happy to be back in a general practice clinic full time!  Outside of work, she enjoys outdoor activities, spends time working on local animal welfare issues, and relaxing with a good book.

Current Pets

Roberta has a big, beautiful mutt named Dakota, and shares her home with a couple of senior kitties and some frisky ferrets!



Laura grew up in Ontario and has a Degree in Therapeutic Recreation from Brock University. After graduating, Laura could hear the west coast mountains calling! Laura first moved to Kelowna and worked as a counsellor for kids with autism for 4 years. She used animal therapy in her practice and would volunteer with the kids at the local SPCA. Laura and her boyfriend moved to Kitsilano in spring 2017, and she pursued her dream of working with animals. In her spare time, you will find Laura exploring the outdoors, whether it by mountain bike, skis or hiking.  Laura has a super active, sweetheart dog named Luna and a crazy, cuddly cat named Toast.

Current Pets

Luna is a rescue lab mix. She loves fetching the ball and enjoys all adventures in the woods!

Toast is Mr. Social...he loves to cuddle and give everyone kisses! 


Stefanie grew up on Vancouver Island and has a Bachelor of Arts from Camosun College as well as a VTA Diploma from Granville Business College. Growing up on the Island Stefanie spent most of her time competing with her horse Stormy and moonlighting at SPCA's Wild Arc Wildlife Rescue. She has a passion for all animals both big, small and wild and is happy to have made the move over to Vancouver to start her career in animal health. Outside of work she enjoys the usual West Coast activities of camping, hiking, hanging on a beach or patio and working with local animal welfare groups and rescues.

Current Pets

Cooper is a  Mastiff mix rescue who enjoys long swims at beach, stealing other dogs balls(sorry!) and a good belly scratch.Indy is a feline princess that usually spends her days fetching paper balls or laying in a sunbeam on the patio. 


Rhian is originally from Australia, but now calls Vancouver home. Rhian has worked in customer service for 15 years, and now works as our client care manager! After growing up in the country and counting peacocks, pigs and goats as some of her childhood pets, Rhian is right at home working with all manner of animals in clinic, and you're sure to find her feeding your pet treats in the waiting room and trying to get a snap for our Instagram page! 

When Rhian isn't at work, you'll find her in the mountains, soaking in the beautiful scenery of B.C. on a camping trip with her husband and dogs.   

Current Pets

Trinity is a husky who was found running wild in the woods as a puppy. Chewbacca is a rescue mutt who picked her out at the pound. The two are now inseperable friends, who love the beach, camping trips, as well as a good nap in the sun.